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My new computer is here!

I’ve been using my old computer with a free word processing software for, well, a long time. It had windows xp, which I love and am very sad to part with. But since i’m designing more now we decided it was time to upgrade and get a computer with programs that actually worked for me.

I ordered my computer from Costco (which I am very much in love with) and it was here within a few days. That’s right, days. Costco defies all laws of shipping. I once ordered ink cartridges at 5pm and they were at my door by noon the next day…Anywho, my computer gets delivered and I rip into like a crazy person because that’s what I do. Seriously, ask my kids, they’re terrified of packages…I give the styrofoam packing to my toddler which he proceeds to shred into “snow” for hours (yes, I know, I’m a terrible parent, it’s the packages fault) and rope my 6 year old into helping me run all the cables through a teeny tiny space behind my computer desk. After many scrapes (to me) and much whining and general discontent (from her) the computer is up and running.

But wait, what’s this…This doesn’t look like windows…This looks like a tablet…Hmmm…Maybe I’m hallucinating…Rubs eyes…No, still there…Crap, it looks like i’ve been under a rock somewhere while windows was completely making a mess of things. Looks like this won’t be as simple as I’d hoped. Opening explorer to find help. WHAT! Someone turned my browser upside down and now it scans sideways. Puts head in hands. Come on kids, we’re going upstairs until daddy gets home.

Enter husband. I’m old. Why? Because I can’t even work a computer anymore. Let me show you. He pushes a magical button that makes everything look as it should, sort of. My hero!!!

Maybe one day I will learn how to use the new fangled os but for now, I will happily plug away on my new computer in an old fashioned way. Which, somewhat ironicallly i’m not doing right now because the old computer is now upstairs and it’s much warmer up here…