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Pumpkin Patch Sweater

This is my pride and joy of knitting patterns. I am ridiculously pround of how it turned out and have received tons of compliments on it. This is the first project i’ve made where I dyed the yarn and designed the pattern. Of course, it still isn’t quite ready tobe published. I need some better pics and it needs to go through the test knitters but hopefully I will have it released by March. This is pattern #1 towards my goal of publishing 12 patterns in 2014. Enjoy!

IMG_9218    IMG_9199

And just for a little happy in your day…



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Blue Moon Sweater Coat

This is a sweater coat that I designed when I was cold and in the mood to play with cables. I wanted something nice and long that I could wear to the park with the kids and not have a chilly breeze blowing up my back. This pattern will be ready to go as soon as I can get some proper pictures done. This will make pattern #3 of 12 for 2014…At this rate i’ll beat my goal by next month!

IMG_6380     IMG_6342

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Teddy Bear Blanket

This blanket was inspired by my little girl. I wanted to crochet a blanket that would be very thick and warm, with no holes for little fingers to get tangled up in. It is very much gender neutral and would make a fantastic heirloom gift to be treasured for years to come.

IMG_5734    IMG_5728

If you would like to crochet this blanket, the pattern can be purchased in my ravelry shop:

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Haunted Vineyard Sock Pattern

I saw this stitch pattern in one of my stitch library books and felt like it was destined to be made into socks.  After a few months of knitting and ripping, the haunted vineyard sock pattern was born!  Here are a few pics:

IMG_9180   IMG_7870paint   IMG_9175

This pair is also destined for the dyepot.  I love the colour but it doesn’t show off the pattern very well.   Maybe just a bit deeper green…

If you would like to knit these socks, the pattern can be purchaed in my ravelry store: