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Time Flies!

Well, things have been absolutely bonkers around here lately. Do you ever have the feeling that you’ve lost a few months along the way? That’s how it’s been for me since January. Between finishing the renos on our current house and looking for another that has more room for my shop, the flus that happen every winter, and running a business…this year just flew by. But, things are finally starting to settle down. My 3-year-old is finally starting to grow up a bit and become more independent (in a way that’s a little less destructive) and my 6-year-old is starting adjust to being homeschooled. The renos are nearly complete, and the shop is much more organised within the space we’ve made for it. I even got to watch a movie with the hubby last night!

I’ve also set up my second shop for selling handspun yarns and have nearly switched over all of the yarns from my original shop. I’ve branched out into carrying commercial product as well (if you havn’t seen them yet, pop in and take a peek at the commercially dyed and blended tops, they’re amazing).

There are tons of new items being added this month, batts, fibers, yarns…you name it, it’s there.

I’m also super excited that I am booked as a vendor for two major fiber shows this year. Fiber week in Olds, AB at the end of June and Knit City in Vancouver at the beginning of October. I’m really looking forward to Knit City as I’ve never been that far west and me and the hubby are going without the kiddos so it should be a fantastic time.