The Fiber Imp

Adventures in food, fiber, and family


It all began when I was just a little girl and my mother taught me to knit. Fast forward a few years and I learned to crochet. During highschool I took a break from all things fiber and rekindled my love for it in my early twenties. I started spinning in 2012 and, well, one thing led to another and The Fiber Imp was born. Now I spend my days spinning, dyeing, and knitting. As the kids get older I’m hoping to commit more time to designing but for now, I’ll take anything I can get.

In the shop you’ll find everything from spinning braids and batts, to knitting yarns and patterns, and occasionally a few knit or crochet items that I’ve made.

I am also very much into having a healthy, happy lifestyle and I plan to share all sorts of fun tidbits about those adventures.

Julia Teerling
Ravelry: Thefiberimp
Etsy: Thefiberimp


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